Blue jade huggies


Inspired by the late paintings of Georgio Morandi's still life "Natura Morta".
The dynamic visually of the still life composition evokes the quiet drama that states its presence yet calm.

All the nature goodness from the earth and the sea. The vivacious colors and luminosity are lit from within. Each of the semiprecious stones is unique in its hue and inclusions, no two are alike. They radiate positive energy while being visually stimulating. Here are some of the properties pertain to each of the stone

Blue jade - the talisman of peace and serenity. Calming and restorative

Just the way they look alone inspires well being. Wearing them reminds us that we are part of the earth, celebrating the beauty all around us.

Due to the natural stone formation and individually handmade nature, your piece may be slightly different in which we consider a virtue.

- hand formed 14k gold filled
- 1/2" x 3/8"

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