Hello, my name is Vipada the creator of CinqWorkshop.  Cinq was founded in the summer of 2012 as a way to capture and share my creative journey. 

My background is in textile and fashion design.  I have always loved the aspect of customizing and crafting by hand.  The spontaneity is such an instant gratification and the expression is always pure.  I began to explore other mediums and learn new techniques in order to materialize an idea into an actual piece. The self taught process allows me to think outside of the box and get creative with my resources.

The transition from fashion to jewelry is a seamless one.  The elements of designs are the same with the difference of materials and scale.  Jewelry is more instinctual and less utilitarian than clothing hence the more personal expression.  A piece of jewelry is self contained in its story telling like a piece of sculpture. This aspect of creation is appealing and extremely fulfilled. 

The process of crafting is intuitive and spontaneous.  A traditional fabrication and hand formed technique lend a unique warmth to each piece. 

The balance between starkness of minimalist and organic nature of handcraft is the essence of Cinq. 

It is my believe that an adornment should enhance the beauty of a person and become one with the wearer.  I hope to bring you joy every time you wear a piece of Cinq.  

Every piece is hand-crafted by me in my Haight Ashbury studio.

Follow my creative process unfolding one square at a time