So Glad to see you here. I am humbly pleased to introduce you to my other discipline - painting.  It's an indulgence I have kept to myself like forever.  The making of a painting requires a trust in the process. The outcome is never quite exactly what you have in mind but always a pleasant surprise. 

In painting, the fixed elements you control is far less than making an object like jewelry. Perhaps the two dimensional aspect of a painting takes the abstract brain to another level.  

Here's a little insight into my first series called the Lazy Afternoon.  A tribute to the time I have spent painting on quiet weekday afternoons.  Nothing in particular, no subject matters, no theme, just simply be in the moment.  Though when reflecting on each piece, there's a unique story that surface.  This is why I love abstract.  The mood and meaning of a painting solely depends on the eye of the beholder

By presenting the two disciplines side by side, I hope to bring you a fuller scope of my creation and share the joy in each piece.